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Verification Services

We are an Authorised Verifier (AV 11) designated by Enterprise Singapore to perform verification of weighing and measuring instruments for trade use. The Accuracy Label and weights and measures’ seal will be affixed on the instrument that has been verified for accuracy and fit for trade use.

Check with us if you are unsure if the instrument that you are using is due for re-verification or if it is an approval model for trade use. We will be happy to advise you.


Calibration (Contract) Services

Accuracy and reliable weighing performance are crucial to your operations. As such, we recommend that regular calibration be performed on your weighing instruments. We offer yearly, bi-yearly calibration contract services or as and when you deem fit.  If required, we will help you monitor your calibration status so that you will not miss out on the calibration due dates.


Repair/ Maintenance Services

Weighing instruments are just like any other equipment. They require regular servicing and maintenance and will encounter breakdown over time. We provide repair and maintenance services to weighing instruments to help you prolong the lifespan of your equipment and also to ensure its weighing performance. Our repair and maintenance services include an overhaul of the weighing instrument (cleaning, painting or spray painting, whichever is applicable) and re-calibration of the weighing instrument.